Tuesday, October 30, 2012

STOLEN BIKE (Repost from MFG)

Stolen/snatched bike of Nico Bernardo
According to him, he was attacked by an unidentified man near The Collective around 2am. The man punched him and took his bike plus his cycling cap and took off.

The incident was reported to the police.

If anyone sees this bike or its parts being sold, please notify us so that we'll catch the crook who took Nico's ride. Email us at wednesdayfixed@gmail.com

Sprea the word.

Ride hard, ride safe.

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Monday, October 22, 2012

WeFXD Weekend Ride to Alabang

WeFXD Weekend Ride to Alabang.

Thanks to Keith together with the Cavite crew for riding with us in the South area.
Good Vibes. Good Rides.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Ride To Party

Here is the recap of the Ride To Party thing that we have. For the guys that can't remember what happened that night, check it out and hope this helps you remember the crazy stuff that we did last Friday.

Special thanks to our good friend Marcus Maguigad for hosting us last Friday at Rocket Room and for the overflowing Rocket Fuel drink.

Ride to Party > JT's The Fort > Rocket Room

Hiyeaaaaaaahey! - Lil' Leo

Pimp Cup

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

PUS4KALYE by Jerik Platon

Here is an awesome edit by Jerik Platon of Pusakalye 4 Alleycat Race last Sunday, October 14. Props to him for also filming the awesome Ayala Avenue (Manila's main road along the central business district in Makati) night ride to JT's BGC of the 45 participants of Pusakalye while dominating its stretch! GVGR!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Tits,Tires, and The Rekta Lagarista

Perfect combo, eh? Tits, Tires and Kiko's Rekta Lagarista! This awesome world class build has been featured on an awesome page all about bikes and boobies! Hooray for two and the Lagarista!

The Rekta Lagarista on TitsAndTires

Manila's Test of the Toughest! PUSAKALYE 4, Alleycat Race!

Once again, PUSAKALYE's 4th Alleycat race will commence tomorrow, October 14, and at The Collective along Malugay Street, Makati!

Another Sunday full of fast paced runs and exhilarating mashes by adrenaline filled local fixed gear and single speed riders that will dominate the streets of Manila and have their skills, patience, knowledge of its streets, and endurance tested with its world famous traffic, even made tougher by the most critical and hardest checkpoints by far located around the metro.

This Sunday isn't the time to rest, but to see who's the TOUGHEST!!!

Special thanks to:
Tryon Riders
Calle PH
Enemy Bikes
Yadu 621
Crest Pursuit

Thanks again, FIXEDGEAR.TV!

Our UPLB Ride has been featured on FIXEDGEAR.TV!

Let's keep those photos and videos comin'!



Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Another FIXEDGEAR.TV feature!

Friends and fellow local fixed gear riders!

Since our last feature with them which is Wham's Indie Ride feature, we made it again on FIXEDGEAR.TV with our Nuvali Quick Mash video!!!

Another great opportunity for our growing community to be recognized on the fixed gear scene worldwide!

So keep those cameras rolling, clicking and start posting! But never forget to keep those pedals pushing and mashing!

Good vibes, good rides!

FIXEDGEAR.TV Nuvali Quick Mash Feature

Monday, October 8, 2012

Nuvali Quick Mash!

Nuvali Quick Mash!

Nuvali Quick Mash from Leo Diño on Vimeo.

A quick mash around one of Nuvali's stretches. Would be a lot better if all of us bought helmets to have their own spins around those amazing stretches. Special thanks to ManilaFixedGear and to everyone who participated on the very successful Nuvali Long Ride last October 07! Good vibes, good rides!